EBM for Me – The Only Stress Relief App Backed up by Strong Objective Clinical Evidence. Now shown that our course may benefit those with loneliness as well.

Works on iPhone, Android, PC/Mac.

Evidence Based Mindfulness App for Individuals

In a ground-breaking peer-reviewed study published in 2017 our app-delivered meditation course was shown to relieve stress and reduce both blood pressure and cortisol reactions to stress.  Now a new study, as reported in a recent New York Times article, shows that the same course results in reduced loneliness in those studied, as well . Up until now this course has only been available to institutions such as hospitals and universities. Now, due to overwhelming demand we are offering access to individuals as well. The individual plan price is $95 for the app comprising the clinically validated course and one year of ongoing daily practice support.

The EBM App in the News

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